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Govana Dolomite Marble, Dolomite White Marble, Bianco Dolomite Marble, , is metamorphic rock composed mainly of dolomite crystals.The crystalline texture is the result of metamorphosis of limestone by heat and pressure plus / minus the influence of aqueous solutions , derived from Greek main land and islands, Turkey, Alps, Italy.  Govana Dolomite Marble is very variable, mostly snow white to grey or yellow brown sometimes shade of beige pink.


Dolomite marble stone is a bit different from other marble stones in a sense that it is harder as compared to most of them. This property makes it best for use in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and pathways. It not only gives a bold and elegant look to your house because of its beauty but it is also very strong and durable and lasts longer as compared to other similar products.

Dolomite marble is perfect for outdoor use as it is very strong and durable and last longer as compared to other options. These tiles are usually available in standard sizes but custom sizes can also be obtained from the installer.

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