How we process the countertops? It is why you choose us as your partner.

When it comes to stone countertops,no matter it is natural stone like granite or marble material, or engineered stone like quartz, it is all about details of production.

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Before production, we will work together with the client to confirm the countertop drawings, faucet dimension and location, square cutout bowl or oval pattern, undermount sink or vessel, edge profile, surface fisnish etc.

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Once the drawing details and material confirmaed, let's start the selection of big slabs for the tops cutting.


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Then it is the stage for CNC machine to cut the tops, like standard size 22x25", 22x37", 22x49", 22x61" etc, as mentioned that the size can be customized.



After all these cutting, we still use old fashion way to process the edge finish.

Our experienced staff are always carefully and delicately move the tops, process the edge and load them on customized tray to make sure edges is well protected.

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Solid Quartz Surface from Stone Deliver www.stonedeliver (3).jpg

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When the tops is after processed, it will be moved to the inspection area, our QCs will put every piece tops on the platform, and check every aera of the surface to make sure there is no holes, cracks or stain or scratch, and the attention to the edges is also very important, fine edge without crack or damage. 

If there any defect, whether it should be repolished, fixed or rejected, it will be professional dealt with.

Carrara Tops (22).jpg


When the good quality tops is checked, let's start the packing. Packing is also import, including whether the crates size is suitable for the top dimension, polished/honed surface are always well protected by clear foam. Our workers are patiently and carefully to move and pack the tiles to avoid any unnecessary damage to the tops.





After all these process, the tops will be safely shipped to the port and board the vessel.

StoneDeliver is paying to every details to do a great job, if you are looking for any customized tops, we are the one you can rely on.



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